Dr. Sandie Wood, DVM, PGRS-C



Dr. Wood was born and raised in small town, Oklahoma. Having been raised on a beef and dairy farm, she grew to love animals at an early age. She attended Oklahoma State University and received an Honor’s Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, graduating summa cum laude. She went on to achieve her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 at OSU as well. Dr. Wood briefly practiced in Michigan but wanted to be closer to family and the region of NWA she had come to know and love while in Oklahoma. 

Dr. Wood has been Fear Free Certified since March 2018 and was the Fear Free Champion at her previous practice. Dr. Wood also completed advanced training as a Certified Pet-Loss Grief Recovery Specialist (PGRS-C), enabling her to help pet parents and continue to support the human-animal bond even past the loss of the pet. 

Outside of work, Dr. Wood enjoys her mini-farm: a few goats, a mammoth donkey, and small flock of chickens.  Dr. Wood and her husband, Jonathan, also have 4 dogs: Speedy (a former bomb-sniffing dog and former research participant), Monty (a rescue mutt), Sadie (a smaller rescue mutt), and Ginger Snaps (a rescued Bulldog). They have 3 cats: Simba, Sofie, and Fitz, a rescue who has been blind since birth.  Dr. Wood is a closet nerd and enjoys Dr. Who, subtitled anime, DnD, and board games.  Another favorite pastime is singing in the car, but occasionally Dr. Wood can be heard singing just about anywhere.


Dessiree Barnes

Veterinary Assistant

Dessiree grew up in NWA, where she spent summers on her grandparents’ farm, fascinated by the animals she was surrounded by. Her mother also has a soft spot for dogs, specifically Shetland Sheepdogs, so she shared her home with up to 10 dogs at a time during her childhood. This upbringing created a love for all animals she’s carried throughout her life. After spending 10 years in Florida, with her husband, they recently returned to Fayetteville, AR., where they can be closer to family and help them when a need arises. Dessiree and her husband currently share their lives with 2 indoor cats that they completely adore, and a newly adopted red-tick hound named Maggie. Dessiree is very excited to join the Kindness in Motion team and looks forward to serving both pets and owners alike!


Heather Espe, LVT

Licensed Veterinary technician

Meet Heather, Kindness in Motion’s Tech on the Go!

Heather started on her veterinary path as a receptionist in 2006. She quickly became a veterinary assistant and then a licensed vet technician in the state of Washington in 2015. Over the last few years, she has developed a special interest in behavior, focusing on patients that are fearful with and without aggression. As part of the Kindness in Motion team, her goal is to foster a positive relationship with our patients and clients while making vet care at home accessible to all.

Heather currently resides in Gravette with her husband and their pug Kenny and Chi-weenie Evi. She enjoys napping and watching movies in her off time, but may eventually venture into the outdoors, fingers crossed!


Amy Fisher, M.S., Ed.S., L.A.C.

Licensed Grief counselor

Amy is a compassionate counselor who helps people of all ages with grief, depression, anxiety, and trauma. An area that is of special interest to Amy is grief counseling for people who are losing or have lost a beloved pet. Amy has raised 9 Golden Retrievers with her husband over the last 30 years and understands that animals are a large part of our lives, and that losing them is a difficult thing to go through. She would consider it an honor to help guide you through the grieving process.

Amy enjoys her hobbies including reading, writing, boating, and playing the piano. Eating homemade pizza and watching movies is also fun! She enjoys a quiet life with her husband of almost 30 years, Joseph, as well as two Golden Retrievers (Ranger and Maverick), and a calico cat names Patches the Cat. She loves life and enjoys teaching third grade as well as being a counselor.