Q. What is Fear Free?

A. Fear Free practice is simply changing the way we approach animals and taking their emotional health into consideration when they show signs of fear, anxiety, and stress.  Sometimes that means taking a break or moving a procedure to a different day, when we are better prepared or the animal receives needed anti-anxiety medications.  Simply put, we listen.


Q. What is preventative care?

A. Preventative care means preventing illness before it starts.  It begins with biannual examinations. From there, your veterinarian will recommend a treatment plan based on pre-existing health conditions, your companion's lifestyle, examination findings, and budget needs.  This could include certain vaccinations, bloodwork/laboratory testing, weight management planning, behavior consultations, and dental health strategies among others. 


Q. Do you provide consultations?

A. Kindness in Motion provides two main types of consultations: behavior and grief counseling. Behavior consultations can include topics such as aggression issues, inappropriate urination, training issues, cat scratching, firework/noise anxiety, separation anxiety, among others.


Q. What types of patients do you see? 

A. Our practice sees all manner of companions including: dogs, cats, bees and more. You can always call and ask if your companion is not listed here. 


Q.  What are your services?

A. Our Services are listed on our services page. Be sure and check out our Wellness Plans!


Q. Why should I pay for a house call?

A. Not everyone needs a vet to come to their home. Some animals do not mind going to the vet and are very social and at ease there. For some people, the convenience of having someone come to their home and not having to worry about getting the cat into the carrier, or the trouble of bringing 3 dogs all at once to the vet can be a valuable experience. Because we are not able to see the same number of pets as a brick-and-mortar practice, we have to charge extra for this service. There is only 1 house call fee per visit, meaning we can do multiple pets for only 1 house call fee and additional exam fees. 

Q. Do you accept payment plans?

A. Not in the traditional sense. We accept Care Credit, who can provide interest-deferred promotional periods. See more info here. We also provide wellness plans. You pay a certain amount per month and we come out twice a year to provide full wellness services. See more info here.