Our Tech on the Go! service is managed by Mrs. Heather Espe, licensed veterinary technician (LVT). Like the rest of our service, Heather comes to your home, where your pets are most comfortable, to provide her services. See below for a full list of her services. Heather can be reached directly at (479) 435-4578 or at heather4kindnessinmotion.mah@gmail.com. Hours: M-F 11am-7pm, Sat/Sun by appointment only.

  1. Technician Behavior Consultations: Heather can evaluate many behavior issues and together with Dr. Wood, a plan is formulated to help your pet. Follow-up visits are scheduled as needed.

  2. Dog Walking/Exercise Management: Heather can help your dog lose weight with walking and other exercise modalities. She can discuss nutrition with you at home, and exercise your dog when you don’t have the time or inclination to do so.

  3. Medicated Pet Sitting: If your pet has medications vital to their health, you may feel it is difficult to find a place to board them where you are certain they are being given correctly. With Tech on the Go, you can rest assured when you’re away. From oral medications to injectables, Heather has years of experience administering both. (She also has the doctor’s personal cell number in case anything happens to your pets.) Heather can visit a few times per day or can stay at your home overnight to take care of your pet.

  4. In-home Medication Administration: For the owner of that hard-to-give-meds-to dog or cat, Heather is here when you need her. She will come to your home and can medicate your pet. She can also show you her techniques and help you learn to do it yourself!

  5. Post-operative and Hospitalization aftercare: After your pet has had a major operation or illness, Heather can evaluate your home to make it the best environment for your pet’s recovery. She will also educate you on the long term changes your pet may experience, and answer any questions you have.

  6. Glucose Curves and Diabetes Management: A glucose curve is a test done to monitor diabetes and insulin management. This test is more accurate at home as stress in the hospital can cause blood glucose levels to be falsely high. Heather can also educate you on diabetes management; she has a diabetic pet at home herself.

  7. Blood Pressure Recheck: If your pet takes medications for a blood pressure issue, it is important to periodically check their blood pressure. Too low blood pressure can cause fainting, lethargy, and depression in your pet. Too high and the kidneys can be affected, as well as vision and other body systems.

  8. IV or SQ Fluid Administration: Some pets benefit from fluid administration whether due to age or chronic illness. It is often difficult to get these pets to a veterinary office. Heather can come to your home and help provide the care they need.